Five Ways to Increase Your Medical Practice’s Efficiency
post by Samantha Strazanac, TriMed Technologies - March 04, 2022


As a medical professional, you know that increasing your practice’s efficiency is key to success. You need to be able to provide the best possible care for your patients while also managing your budget and keeping up with administrative tasks. At TriMed, we know that having a streamlined and efficient EHR platform and an easy-to-use patient portal will help you manage your practice's workload, and staff morale, and improve patient care. Here are 5 easy ways you can increase your medical practice's efficiency.

An EHR system that your staff understands and is easy to understand. Having an EHR system that is easy to use and navigate will save you time in training new staff and ensure that everyone is on the same page. TriMed Complete is designed with the user in mind. Preventing noise greatly increases the ease of use of software. TriMed Complete offers the ability to limit unwanted screens, tabs, and even icons. The system can be tailored to only show the areas needed for each user, greatly decreasing the uptime necessary for training new staff. We even provide training to ensure your staff understands the platform without stress or struggle.

Patient portals are a must. As we've mentioned in the past just how important a user-friendly patient portal is to the success of your practice, it is also necessary to have one. Patient portals that your patients use will save you time on the phone answering questions and managing appointments. Gone are the days of paper forms and patient appointment reminder cards. Our patient portal is designed to be user-friendly so your patients can easily access their health information, schedule appointments, and receive reminders to prevent no-shows.

Welcoming employee feedback is essential to increasing your practice's efficiency. Your patient-facing employees see firsthand the needs of the practice and can provide a perspective you don't see from your desk in the back of the office. Their feedback should be taken seriously and if appropriate, applied to your practice's daily management. At TriMed, we also take customer feedback seriously. We use it to design products that make your staff's jobs easier and help increase productivity.

To maintain a high level of efficiency, you need to be able to track your progress. From reporting new patient inquiries, online reviews, referrals, missed appointments, outstanding balances, and patient messaging, you can learn a lot about how efficient your practice is running. Only with that information can you make changes to better your practice's performance. With TriMed, you have all the tools you need to track your practice's progress and make changes for the better.

The final way you can increase your medical practice's efficiency is to care about and assist your team in reducing stress, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and running a calm but structured office. When your staff's mental health is in a good place, they are more likely to reflect that positivity in their daily patient care. Staff that is burnt out and in a poor headspace can often reflect this mentality on their daily practices, including time spent patient-facing. Consider implementing a wellness program with initiatives as well as frequently checking in on your team to ensure they are doing well. You won't know if they need anything if you don't ask.

To summarize, the 5 ways you can increase your medical practice's efficiency are having the right tools, including an easy-to-use patient portal and EHR, welcoming employee feedback, tracking progress and making changes, and finally taking concern for your staff's mental health and headspace in life and at work.