September 2012 I retired after 35 years in the business of medicine as the CEO of Capital Region Orthopaedics, where I was for almost twelve years. For eight of those twelve years we used TriMed Technologies as our practice management system provider, which I can highly recommend.

Capital Region Orthopaedics had used IDX for over fifteen years prior to moving to TriMed Technologies. IDX is no longer in business, but at that time they were and if we were going to stay with them it would have required a major upgrade of software and hardware, which had a large enough price tag that we began looking elsewhere. We looked at several other companies and the one that interested us the most was TriMed Technologies. Our concern with them at that time was that they were a small technology company and the main question was whether it was safe to do business with them.

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Newton, North Carolina – At Newton Family Physicians, Alan Story, M.D., is a family physician who’s been practicing in Catawba County, North Carolina since 1999. He treats a variety of adult and pediatric patients, and is fully Board Certified by the American Board of Family Physicians, and is also a full member in good standing with the American Academy of Family Physicians. With four other full-time physicians and three nurse practitioners in the practice, Newton Family Physicians has been taking advantage of TriMed Technologies’ fully-functional Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution.
Improving Patient Care and Reducing Risk in Practice with TriMed EHR

Dr. Story says that Newton Family Physicians has been working with TriMed for many years, initially for Practice Management software. “When the EHR solution became available from TriMed, we loved what we saw.

We already had a good relationship with TriMed; we knew how good they were, so we added the EHR solution along with the associated support,” says Dr. Story.
TriMed’s EHR is ONC-certified for Meaningful Use and streamlines the management of the clinical side of practices like Newton Family Physicians. The “note-centric” system seamlessly incorporates labs, orders, e-prescriptions, patient history, and billing into one platform. This minimizes ‘clicks’ and allows the practice to see more patients than they would with a more cumbersome EHR.

On a day-to-day basis, Dr. Story notes that the EHR Health Watcher helps him and the other physicians keep track of what services patients
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Charlotte, North Carolina – Mecklenburg Neurological Associates is the preeminent regional resource for patients with diseases of the nervous system. A faculty of eight academically trained and sub specialized neurologists looks after more than 35,000 patients. Mecklenburg Neurological Associates handles cases such as epilepsy, aging of the nervous system (Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease), neuromuscular disorders, and many others.

For more than a decade, Mecklenburg Neurological Associates has partnered with TriMed Technologies for Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions and support.

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