Telemedicine is an easy and secure way for providers to visit with their patients without the patient ever leaving their home. Telemedicine offers a virtual appointment with your patients through a private video-conference on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

How Does It Work?

Meet with your patients via private video-conference. TriMed Telemedicine does not require an app or patient login to use. Patients only need a device and an internet connection. The patient receives a text message link to click on at the time of the visit. It’s that simple.

Appointments On Your Time

Because travel time is eliminated, you can book an appointment around your schedule easier than ever before. Providers can use TriMed Telemedicine to diagnose, discuss treatment plans, and prescribe necessary medications.

Secure Nationwide Availability

Your patient data is secure and confidential at all times. TriMed utilizes HIPAA compliant encryption. TriMed Telemedicine is available throughout the United States in our cloud hosted environment.