Ubiquitous Access

EHR. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Ubiquitous access means that if you can access the internet, you can access your patient's' charts. This is made possible because TriMed EHR is browser based. TriMed EHR makes patient care as easy as logging in.

Accessing the EHR with a browser does not mean you are limited to a “view only” tool. Access the full capability of the TriMed EHR with a web browser.
(You can even access the full EHR on a tablet device!)

We also support multiple Operating Systems. PC, Mac, or Chromebook, we have you covered. Since all you need is internet access, it does not matter what Operating System you are using. We also know that there are a few browser options out there and you probably have a favorite. We support multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome so you are not limited to just one web browser.

No Software to Install - No VPN Needed - Secure Socket Layer Connection

With just a web browser, you have access to all you will need. No need to install a tool or another login, with the web browser already installed you can access your patient data and charts just like that.

No VPN software or other special tool needed. No frustration trying to get connected nor the hassle of keeping up with multiple logins necessary. TriMed is keeping it simple and secure.

Just like logging into your bank or Amazon, logging into TriMed EHR is secure. HIPAA compliant and encryption protected connections are always on.

Ubiquitous Access