Online Booking

Giving patients the freedom to book appointments online.

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Real Time Booking

We offer the ability for patients to request and book appointments online. Through the Patient Portal, a patient can book an appointment that will automatically get added to the common schedule within the system. These appointments will appear on the same schedule that your staff is working off of in real time so there is not overlapping or incorrect slots being booked. The moment they click to book an appointment it will appear in the system.

Booking Wizard and Booking Prompts

The Booking Wizard guides patients through custom questions to determine booking options. This allows your patients to book Well Visits on Well Visit Slots, and Sick Visits on Sick Visit Slots while we do the decision work for them. When booking an appointment we have the ability to prompt the patient for further information such as clinical reason. We can also offer instructions to the patient prior to the visit.

Proprietary Rules Engine

Our Rules Engine manages eligible appointments and patients and is fully customized to your needs. You decide which providers, locations, times, and visit types can be booked online by your patients.

Email & SMS

Upon booking an appointment we will send an email and/or a SMS message to the patient with confirmation details and a map to the practice.

Completing Check-In & Cancellations

We offer the ability for your patients to complete the checkin process (such as verifying personal information, verifying insurance, filling out forms, and paying copays) online. The Patient Portal can also be setup to allow online cancellation of appointments.

Online Booking