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Flexible Templating

In TriMed PM, scheduling is flexible with custom appointment times, visit types, visit length, and provider types. This flexibility gives you the ability to easily build schedules and mark appointments for rescheduling if schedule changes are needed.

Custom Views

Your schedule can be customized so that you can see only what you want to see. Decide if you want to view a weekly or daily schedule, a single provider, multiple providers, etc. Also In TriMed PM you can easily see which appointments have been marked as different statuses such as “Confirmed” and/or “Eligible”.

Booking Rules

Booking rules allow users to decide exactly how they would like their schedules to look on any day of the week. Decide if you do not want 3 Well Visits back to back, create a booking rule, and allow the system to do the rest to avoid this from happening.

Any Device

You can see your schedule with appointment status and visit information from any device. From the phone in your car to the tablet on your couch to your desktop in the office, you can see and keep track of your schedule.

Interfaces with Check-In Module

When used with the Check-In Module a user will be able to see in real-time on the schedule when a patient checks in, complete forms, etc.

Online Scheduling

TriMed PM and Patient Portal can help free up your staff by allowing patients to book appointments online. With options for setting what visit types and which locations allow online appointment booking, you have full control of the online booking process.

SMS/ Email/ Voice Reminders

Appointment reminders are helpful to you and your patients. TriMed PM is completely integrated with text, email, and voice reminders. This integration means that reminders will be sent out directly from the system and responses will be read by the system. So if a patient responds that they will not be coming to the appointment the system will automatically cancel the appointment inside the PM.