Advanced Collections

Collections made easy.

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Denial Code Based Collections

TriMed PM is able to display denial codes attached to specific line items upon receipt from insurance companies. Additionally, denied claims automatically flow into the insurance collections module for easy follow-up. This automation increases efficiency and provides a granular level of clarity during collections process.

Work Screen

A dynamic collection work screen assists users in tracking progress and allows them to create and reference administrative notes. Take full advantage of the benefits of digital information by searching documents or using advanced filters to organize workflow.


Auto Processing

Automatically generate and distribute collection letters and insurance tracers. The automated collections process is fully automated and can be scheduled to run unattended. Automated tasks include letter creation and distribution, claim and account delinquency testing, as well as the monitoring and testing of payment plans.

Collections System

The Collections System will manage delinquent insurance and delinquent patient accounts. With TriMed PM’s collection system you also have the ability to put patients on payment plans and send email or SMS messages if any payments are missed.

Advanced Collections