Real-time data with the discrete information you need.

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Real-time & Batch

Check patient benefits real-time and/or in batch from the schedule. With the ability to check patient eligibility in real time, you can be sure to get the information you need. Our ability to check in Batch can give you a head start by processing multiple patients at once.

Stored Eligibility

Our system stores eligibility status for each patient so that it is not a one-time view only. View an eligibility for a patient, and then quickly return to it over and over again.

Eligibility Management

Easily manage eligibility with TriMed PM and find that you can quickly work through eligibility statuses of patients. Your list of patients will grow smaller as you work through them so that you can visibly see what you have left to work through.

Discrete Data

Our system will gather discrete data such as sick/well copays, deductibles, family deductibles, etc. so that after you run eligibility you will have this information readily available.

Auto-check for Issues

Take the guess work out of eligibility issues. When eligibility issues are found we will give you specifics as to why. This information will allow you to work as quickly as possible through insurance eligibility checks.