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Custom Report Building

The built-in reporting system provides users with enough flexibility to ensure that they have access to all necessary data. User-defined reports can be scheduled to run automatically and results can be exported into Excel for further analysis. Use pre-loaded report templates or customize a template to meet a specific need. Additionally, users are able to merge together data pulled from the database to create patient documents.

Appointment Reports

Custom reports can be created to monitor a variety of data related to appointment activity. This provides practices access to important snapshots of internal efficiency such as provider and procedure productivity. Reports can reveal information such as ‘how many patients a provider sees in a given period of time.’ By running a Patient Tracking report, one could monitor and evaluate patient wait times according to certain criteria.

Internal Audit Reports

By taking advantage of internal audit reports, office managers can run various internal audits. The PM system monitors and records all changes in the system and makes this data reportable. This allows for managers to evaluate user productivity and the like. All data is displayed relative to payment audit trails which details the full trail of specific charges and payments.

Scheduled Reporting

With TriMed PM reporting you can schedule your reports to run daily, weekly or monthly. Helping you and your staff become more efficient and simplify workflow.