Claims Management

Simplify the way you manage claims.

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Clearinghouse Integration

Our system is completely integrated with a clearinghouse. All the user needs to worry about is running claims. Seriously! Build, send and monitor claims all from inside TriMed PM.

Claim Scrubbing Utility

You don’t want to send out bad claims and neither do we. This utility is a huge time saver in the way that it will read through all the claims you are sending out and remove all the bad ones for you to work later while the good ones immediately get sent to the clearinghouse.

Claims Denial Management Engine

The Claims Denial Management Engine organizes those denials in a way that is easiest for you to understand. Organize by insurance or denial type, the choice is yours.

View Claim in PM

See the claim right inside TriMed PM. No need to get to multiple applications or websites to monitor claims.

Electronic Remittance with Ease

Because TriMed PM is integrated with the clearing house remit posting is made simple. With the ability to have the system receive remittance files and auto-post for you, it couldn’t be much easier.

Auto Rebill - Insurance Changes

When a patient insurance changes TriMed PM makes is simple to rebill charges. With one click, update the charges with the correct insurance and mark the claim to go out with the next batch.

Claims Management