Authorization Tracking

Track authorizations coming in & out. From beginning to end.

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Referral Tracker

Reduce the number of denials and improve the overall quality of patient care by using our advanced authorization and referral tracking modules. Centrally manage all authorization details including outbound and inbound referrals.

Referral In Linked to Appointment

After obtaining authorization details, let TriMed PM track how many visits are allowed as well as how many visits have been used. Advanced features support procedure-specific authorization tracking and authorization expiration dates for non-specific procedures are also tracked.

Track Outgoing Referrals and Status

With referral tracking, it is a simple task to see if you have received a consult note or other documentation from an outside provider and reach out if none has been received.

Share Authorization Status

Once you have an authorization set up and an appointment ready, you can let your patient know everything is ready while including any other important details with TriMed PM and Patient Portal - making patient communication as simple as possible.

Authorization Number on Outgoing Claim

TriMed PM can place an authorization number onto the outgoing claim to help reduce issues with a claim.

Authorization Tracking