How to Prepare your Pediatric Practice for the Fall
post by Samantha Strazanac, TriMed Technologies - September 07, 2022


Are you ready for the fall? Or should we say back-to-school season? Summer is ending, and stressed-out parents with their children will flock to your office for school vaccinations, sports physicals, and September checkups. The rapid change in weather between warm days and freezing nights isn't helping when trying to avoid the sniffles, either. Luckily for you, there are ways you can better prepare for the fall rush of patients. The critical question is, what are your practice's goals for the coming fall? Are your budget, revenue, and financial goals solidified? Get ahead of the curve and stay ahead with these helpful tips so you can focus on what matters most: taking care of your patients!

Prepare for Back-to-School Appointments

Preparing for the new school year is more than just new clothes, shoes, and backpacks. Students need something else: back-to-school physical exams! And with a fresh batch of students flooding your pediatric practice days before the first day of school, you'll need a fully staffed office to take on the rush. A reliable staff with good synergy can work seamlessly through the day-to-day while supporting the doctors as needed. Therefore, a team with an excellent pediatric EHR software suite is unstoppable. And what is considered an excellent EHR? Let's find out.

Make Sure Your EHR is Organized and Updated

Of course, having an excellent staff for your pediatric practice is necessary, but many forget that reliable electronic health records (EHR) software is just as important. Your EHR platform of choice needs to be updated at all times, automatically. Utilizing an EHR system like TriMed Complete EHR takes the work out of manually updating with automatic updates. TriMed's EHR is automatically updated across all browsers and platforms regularly. Other helpful features like interactive notating and vaccination status tracking will propel any medical practice above the rest.

Back to School Season Means an Influx of Sick Patient Appointments

During the fall and winter, there is an inevitable surge of patients with colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. Proper preparation by stocking up on over-the-counter medications, scheduling additional staff if needed, and ensuring your EHR can handle a higher patient volume are all important factors to consider. You'll also want to confirm your EHR is equipped with a patient portal and telemedicine capabilities. The patient portal should allow patients to easily book their appointments, view test results, and message the doctor - all from the comfort of their own homes.

Have a Set Financial Goal for the Fall Season

The fall season is generally a busy one for most pediatric practices. With that being said, it's essential to have a financial goal in mind. This could be anything from increasing your patient base by X or hitting a particular revenue mark. Once you set a goal, start planning how you will achieve it. To attract new patients, utilize marketing strategies, such as direct mailers or social media ads. And don't underestimate the power of sponsorships and community involvement.

Don't Forget to Decorate Your Waiting Room

Decorating your medical office may seem daunting, and it's not always everyone's forte. However, it's the patient's first impression when they enter your pediatric practice, and whether we like it or not, first impressions matter! Creating a welcoming atmosphere can ease the mind of scared children or skeptical parents. But don't worry, decorating for the fall isn't as bad as it seems. Be sure to utilize wall art, throw in some pumpkins and flowers, and generally keep the color theme to soft oranges, reds, and browns. The ambiance is everything, and you don't have to go overboard! Your patients will enjoy whatever you decide because they are there for an appointment, not for the decorations on the wall.

Following these steps will prepare your pediatric practice for the fall season. If you're still on the market for a reliable EHR, then TriMed has you covered. TriMed's all-inclusive EHR software suite is browser-based, allowing you to access your patient's records on virtually any device! Contact us today to request a demo.