What You Need to Know about Pediatric EHR Platforms
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - February 03, 2022


Choosing a new EHR platform is a big decision for any healthcare organization, especially in the pediatric area of medicine. There are many different platforms available, each with its own set of features and benefits, often making it difficult to decide which platform is right for your organization.

The biggest pain point we have found for pediatric practices regarding EHR platforms is the cost. Many pediatric practices are generally small, with few employees and limited budgeting resources. The cost of an EHR platform is often prohibitive for these smaller organizations, however, TriMed Complete EHR was originally designed for those smaller pediatric practices with budget limitations so regardless of practice size, there are cost-effective options for you.

A common struggle we hear from pediatric offices regarding EHR programs is the lack of customization available. Pediatric practices are unique and require specialized software that caters to the needs of their patients, staff members, and practice. Many pediatric EHR platforms do not allow for customization or if they do it is an additional cost that can add up quickly making it nearly impossible for smaller organizations to implement those changes without breaking the bank. We understand that no two pediatric practices are exactly alike, and we have made sure our software can be tailored to meet each individual practice's needs.

Another major pain point is the lack of attention to the vital role of the parent/care giver as part of the pediatric visit. Yes, a pediatric EHR should have a nice growth chart. Yes, it should have a robust immunization module with CDC catch up schedules, state registry integrations, VFC management and completely take care of the billing. But many systems miss the key of focusing on the parent’s role in a visit. How quickly can you bring up a sibling’s chart even with the sibling isn’t on your schedule? How hard is it to find the pharmacy that is used when grandma brings the child? When you enter the finding for the father’s Type 1 Diabetes, can you quickly copy that to the other sibling’s charts? Can you do so without opening their charts? Can you quickly choose to only copy it to the siblings who share the paternal relationship? These small things are game changers in the pediatric EHR. TriMed Complete has all of these components built into the nucleus of the product.

Another pain point for pediatric offices is the lack of integration between different systems, both within the office and externally. Often pediatric practices are using multiple software programs to manage their patient population. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort trying to manually input data from one system into another. TriMed Complete EHR is truly a complete solution for pediatric practices struggling to find the right EHR for their facilities, staff, practitioners, and patients.

The final pain point for pediatric EHR platforms is the lack of updates and innovation in the market. Many pediatric offices are hesitant to switch to a new platform because they feel like they will be stuck with an outdated system that does not meet their needs. At TriMed Technologies, we are constantly working to improve our software and meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to say that TriMed Complete EHR is one of the most up-to-date pediatric EHR platforms on the market. Without the need for special, proprietary hardware and branded applications, TriMed Complete EHR is a secure, HIPAA compliant, encrypted web-based software available to anyone with an internet connection. All updates are handled from our end, which prevents your practice from ever running your EHR software on an outdated version.

If you are looking for a comprehensive pediatric EHR platform that can address all of your pediatric practice's pain points, then TriMed Complete EHR could be the platform you've been seeking. Contact us for a demo today.