Let’s Partner Together
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - April 12, 2021

At TriMed we think of every group that we serve as a group that we partner with. We are more than a vendor, we are your technology partner. But what exactly do we mean by this? Well, I am glad you asked. In this post we hope to define and explain what we mean by Partnership.

Our Aim: Serving YOU as you serve the sick & suffering

Simply, we serve those who serve the sick and suffering. Medical providers spend an inordinate amount of time having to document the care they provide. We provide tools that assist in this process making it as seamless as possible so that providers can spend the bulk of their time doing what they love and are trained to do: care for patients and families.

First Name Basis

We know our practices by name. Not only the names of the groups we serve but the individuals (i.e., the providers, nurses, and administrative staff) that make up these independent practices. We realize practices are composed of real people with real problems that are specific to their location, population served, specialty, and a host of other factors. We desire to know these specifics and utilize our tools to work specifically in varying circumstances and situations. As we learn more about the practices we partner with, we are able to adapt our tools to fit specific needs.

Live Support. Live Answers.

Second, Partnership means an immediate response from a competent, trusted support professional. We do not provide ticket numbers and call queues. We provide real people who can provide answers to real problems you experience in your practice. These responses are either immediate or within a very short period of time. We guarantee that you will not feel all alone left on an island to survive on your own. Our team is with you every step of the way.

Continuing Conversations

Lastly, Partnership means ongoing dialogue and collaboration. After thorough training and implementation of our tools we remain heavily involved in the workflow of your practice. We desire to constantly improve our tools and gain feedback from practitioners utilizing our tools.

Finally, your success is our success. We are not successful as a medical software development and support company if the practices we partner with are not successful.