Pediatricians Need Less Vendors and More Partners
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - September 30, 2021


A pediatric practice has a host of vendors. There are vendors for physical supplies (medical, office, cleaning, etc). There are vendors for facility needs. There are vendors for payroll and HR. Then there are various software vendors including the EHR provider, portal software provider, faxing vendor, text messaging vendor, appointment reminders vendor, email vendor, digital check in vendor, credit card processing vendor, quality reporting vendor, statements vendor, secure mail vendor — just to name a few. With each individual vendor comes a contract, monthly invoice, support number, setup and endless headaches with vendors pointing fingers at each other as to who actually bears responsibility for any given problem.

With all the other changes and stresses of running a pediatric practice, Office Managers and Administrators don’t need anymore complications. TriMed’s solution bears the name of TriMed Complete as it aims to be a complete solution for a pediatric practice. When a pediatric practice uses TriMed Complete they do not need a vendor for portal, faxing, text messaging, appointment reminders, emails, digital check in, credit card processing, quality reporting, or statements. All of these are built into the same solution. No interfaces are needed with the EHR because everything is built in. For example, when a patient responds to an appointment reminder that they are not coming, TriMed Complete receives the response and immediately cancels the appointment. This is just one example demonstrating the power of our fully integrated solution.

We seek to understand the needs of our partners and deploy our software to help. We work to build our tools around our users. For example, when a practice goes live with our solutions we do not simply train a practice administrator and expect them to accomplish the setup. Instead, our team of specialists works to set up the system for new clients. Once the client is up and running, we work with the appropriate staff to show them how to maintain the system and make changes as desired.

At TriMed, we seek to not merely replace a software vendor. In fact, our mission is not to be a vendor at all. TriMed partners with practices not to provide products but end-to-end solutions.

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