Provider Quality of Life: Focusing on What Matters
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - November 04, 2021


Patient care is demanding and stressful. Those who serve the sick and suffering must consistently focus on self-care in order to avoid burnout. Burnout is a real and all too common reality for medical providers. With TriMed’s ease-of-use tools, we seek to help carry the load of your providers.

Document, Document, Document!

Documentation is ingrained into the mind of every provider. If it is not documented, it didn’t happen. If you face a lawsuit, does your documentation justify your care and course of action? This reality for medical providers leads to inordinate amounts of time spent on documenting care.

TriMed’s Documentation Tools

This is where our tools are extremely beneficial. Note templates are designed to capture all needed information for acute/sick visits, various wellness visits, behavioral health visits, etc. Safeguards are put in place to make sure a provider cannot sign off on a note until all absolutely vital information is entered on the note. Common treatment plans and recommendations for various conditions are saved and can be copied and pasted into visit summaries which can be specifically edited as needed.

Less Time Documenting, More Time Caring

All these tools help providers move quickly and efficiently through documentation so that they have more time to spend with patients and families, plus more time to care for themselves and their own families and friends. This is so vital for the long term success and sustainability of serving within a medical practice. As we often say at TriMed, our aim is to serve those who serve the sick and suffering. Easy and effective tools for documenting care is a primary way we do this for independent practitioners across the country.