Referral Tracker: Cohesive Correspondence
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - October 21, 2021


For primary practices, referrals to specialists are a significant part of the care process. Oftentimes the difficult reality is that the means of obtaining and securing referrals for patients can be time consuming and cumbersome. If multiple team members work on a single referral it is easy to miscommunicate details and keep track of tasks completed by different users.

Referral Tracker

At TriMed we have developed a tool we call Referral Tracker. The goal of this tool is to take this significant and detailed process and make it as simple as possible while ensuring that nothing is lost along the way. Clinical team members that coordinate on referrals can add this as a widget on their EHR homepage. Inside the module it is possible to see all patients that are part of the practice that need a referral to a provider of a certain specialty. These referrals can be viewed by specialty to allow for a clear and organized workflow. Users also have the ability to see where patients are in the process (e.g., a new referral that needs to be started, a referral in process where an appointment needs to be secured, or a referral that has an appointment and is now waiting for consult notes to come back into the system.) In addition, there is a tab that presents all essential information related to the referral (e.g., referring provider, diagnosis, specialty needed, notes about specific practice to refer to, etc.). From this tab there is an easy way to create a referral script that can be sent over to the speciality clinic. The final tab labeled “notes” allows every team member working on a referral to enter specific notes related to said referral. This is extremely helpful in determining next steps and guaranteeing that details are not lost in the process.

Massive Endeavor Made Simple

As previously stated, the process of coordinating referrals in a primary care office is a massive endeavor. At TriMed, we provide a tool for our partners to make this massive endeavor less overwhelming. Patients and families that our users serve benefit from an efficient and thorough referral process. This is just another example of our commitment to serve those who serve the sick and suffering.