Check-In Module

Shrink the lines. Allow Check in from home. Or the parking lot.

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Check-In Module Process in a nutshell

While the Check-In Module can be implemented fully with a tablet kiosk in the waiting room of your practice, it also can be used by sending secure custom links to patients. When receiving a link, a patient can check in for their appointment on their personal computer or mobile device. When you sign up to use the TriMed Check-In Module you have the ability to allow the system to automatically send patients a link that allows you to gather all the usual information a practice needs when a patient checks in for an appointment.

From their phones, patients can click a link to confirm that they are coming to an appointment. At this time they can also verify their patient information, pharmacy information, verify that their insurance is up to date, fill out patient forms, and even pay their copay. All of this can be done before they reach your practice on the day of their appointment.

Once they complete the check in process they will receive another link that can be clicked within an hour of their appointment to be marked arrived at the practice. Now the patient has completed the check in process and is marked arrived without staff intervention or waiting in line.

One group of individuals who love this feature is mothers…

Let’s say Mom has three little ones all under the age of three. She has scheduled all their Well Child Visits on the same day, and on the day of the appointment she gathers everyone in the car and heads to the pediatricians.

In many scenarios, Mom would arrive at the practice, strategically unload everyone, grab diaper bags and strollers and walk through the door where she proceeds to wait in line to notify the staff that she has arrived. Once she makes it to the front of the line she is then handed a stack of papers and forms to fill out all while trying to tend to and entertain her three fidgety children.

With the Check-in Module Mom arrives at the practice, pulls out her phone while the kids are still strapped into their car seats, and clicks on the link she was sent after checking in last night. She already has all forms completed and updated all information necessary so with one click she is immediately marked arrived. Now she has time to unload, walk into the practice, and does not have to wait in line or fill out forms. She takes a seat and can focus on her kids until she is called back by the clinical staff.

Check-In Module