Online Bill Pay

Collecting payments the easy way.

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Pay Online

Patients can pay balances online through the Portal or the Check-In Module. This can be done while checking in for an appointment at the practice or from home. Patients can also pay a copay during the check in process on the Check-In Module. These payments are made with a credit or debit card.

Post to PM

Payments are auto posted into the PM with no staff intervention. In this way, no posted payments can get lost and payments are always posted to the appropriate account. Not only that, but payments are posted to the appropriate patient account within a family. This is accomplished without a staff member making these distinctions.

Stored Credit Card

Automatically bill a patient balance to a stored credit card. With our system, you have the ability to notify a patient that we will automatically withdraw a payment unless notified otherwise and then continue to do so. This means less hassle for your patients and the assurance of more payments for your practice.

Check-In Module

Patients can easily pay a balance within the Check-In Module. Patients will be presented with an outstanding balance and a copay and have the option to enter credit or debit card information to pay off their bill. Save your staff valuable time by allowing patients to make payments online just like they do for everyday online shopping.

Online Bill Pay