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By now, patients are used to the barrage of forms and packets they must fill out when arriving at your practice, and your staff is familiar with the task of entering in the data provided by a patient from a completed form or packet. What if we could cut down on the amount of time you spend entering patient data? Welcome to Patient Forms.

Online Forms

Patient Forms can be completely filled out online - no paper needed. We allow patients to fill out clinical forms such as medical history, safety questionnaire assessment forms, pre-op forms, progress reports, etc. entirely on a web browser.

All Your Current Forms

We can reproduce all your current paper forms to be used as online forms. Any forms that you currently use in the paper world can be created as a digital form. TriMed also offers a library of standard pediatric forms that are readily used, and every form is fully customizable. If you have an old form you would like to tweak, or an idea for a completely new form, hand over your requests and allow us to create your customized templates for you.


Forms can be grouped into packets. If you have multiple forms that need to be filled out by a patient in a single visit, allow the system to grab them all at once instead of individually selecting them one by one. For example, you might have a pre-op scheduling packet, 5 year well child packet, and/or new pregnancy packet. When a packet is assigned to a patient (either manually or automatically through notifications) the system knows which individual forms need to be filled out.

Form Requests

Send requests for forms to patients via Email or SMS. This can be automatically generated off of visit information before a patient appointment. For example, send all patients with a Well Child Appointment next week an invitation to go ahead and fill out their forms online.When the patient receives the text or email he/she can click a link and be directed to the necessary forms. Once the forms have been submitted the system will know that this part of the check in process has already been completed and patients are one step closer to their appointment.

Saving Data

All data that has been entered into a form by a patient is always immediately available in the EHR and becomes a part of the patient chart. All data is stored as discrete data and can be pulled into any chart item. For example, a patient inputs family history on a form in the portal and a provider opens a note and the data automatically is pulled into the note under “Family History”. No matter where the data gets entered, whether it be on a mobile device in the practice or outside, we will insure that this data is saved into the system and gathered in the corresponding places in a patient’s chart.

Patient Signatures

Patient signatures can be captured on forms. While some forms are designed to collect data, others are information for the patient that need to be verified with a signature. Gathering signatures is no problem in Patient Forms.

Form Scoring

A scoring system can be added to any form. When Form Scoring is setup, the system can identify how certain questions should be answered by the patient. For example, on a Safety Questionnaire, if the patient responds to a question with an answer that the provider will need to discuss with the patient, he will be flagged upon entering the patient’s chart. And vice versa if everything looks good on a form it can automatically be marked as a historic item in the patient chart. This way the information is recorded and stored in its proper location without unnecessary human interaction.

Multilingual Support

We can support any language needed for Patient Forms. Be sure to reach all your patients with this technology.

Patient Forms