Patient Records

Patient records. At their fingertips.

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Easily Accessible

Our Portal was developed with you and your patients in mind. We have created an easy way for patients to view and edit their information anytime, night or day. Our Portal can be accessed on a PC or Mac as well as any phone or tablet. Save you and your staff valuable time by directing your patients here for information that they used to have to come to you for.

Customized Workflow

As a Portal Admin, you get to decide how the Patient Portal is set up for your patients. This means that you can add customized buttons within the portal. An example of this would be to quickly add a “Book Shot Appointment” button beside the immunization history section if you want patients to easily be able to book a shot appointment. You can also trigger a notification from the portal, for example, to send a message to staff members.

Proprietary Rules Engine

This Rules Engine automatically sends appropriate, completed records to the portal. This eliminates the need for staff input and suppresses sensitive items. Don’t worry about marking an item to be sent to the portal or not when rules can do it for you.

History Items

Patients can update history items such as allergies, chronic conditions, or current prescriptions within the Portal. Patients can even request prescription refills as well as upload clinical documents such as newborn screenings or consult reports. The system logs all viewing activities so that all changes can be traced if necessary.

View & Print

Patients can securely view and print records. Through the Portal they can see various records such as results, documents, immunization records, and medical history. With the option to print them out you and your staff are free to meet other needs.

Patient Records