Patient Demographics

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Patient demographics change often. Cut back on entering and reentering patient information by allowing patients to do it themselves. Our Portal and Check-In Module allow patients to make edits that will go straight into your system, without staff intervention. Allowing patients to make demographic updates will not only free up your staff but guarantee that patient demographics are always up to date.


Patient Information

Within the Patient Portal, patients have the ability to view patient information such as name, address, phone number and date of birth on file. In a family system, this information is also available for guarantor. Primary and secondary information is also readily available to patients within the Portal.


Patient Edits

Portal users, as well as Check-In Module users, can be given the ability to edit patient, guarantor, and insurance information. Patient and/or guarantor edits can be immediately updated in the system, or they can be sent to the practice to verify.

Patient Insurance

You can give patients the ability to enter new insurance coverage on the Portal. As it is being entered the system will check for valid and complete data (such as valid policy numbers). Once updated insurance information has been submitted, your staff will be notified of the changes and they will verify them before they get added to the system. Patients also have the ability to upload a copy the their insurance card, or take a photo of it with a mobile device where it will be added to the system.

Patient Demographics