Patient Messaging

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Our clients who use Patient Messaging cut down on patient phone calls to and from their practice and experienced improved overall connectedness to patients. With quicker response times patient needs are met faster than before, and patient satisfaction increases.

Sending Secure Messages

Secure messages can be sent to and from the system. When you send a patient message from the system it is simultaneously sent to the Portal and updated in the patient’s chart.

Customizable Templates

You can customize exactly what types of questions can be sent from the portal. If you want to limit the types of questions you wish to receive from Portal users templates are a great way to make messages more specific. By creating specific templates that narrow the types of messages you receive from patients you can control what patients send in.


Rules Engine

You can also control where the message gets directed once it leaves the Portal. Our Rules Engine directs patient messages to the correct staff member or group so that the message is received and replied to promptly. For example, prescription refill requests can be sent to the phone nurse, billing questions can be sent to the billing office, and so forth. The messages are also automatically updated in the patient’s chart.

Replying to Patient Messages

Clinical staff can compose and reply to patient messages right inside the Patient chart. Here they can easily view the message string while also being able to easily review the patient’s chart for a quick reference to the patient’s medical history.

Other Benefits of Patient Messages

  • Ability for patients to reach your practice anytime with common questions.
  • Ability for patients to request forms and information.
  • Patients will receive an email/text message to alert them that they have an unread message.
Patient Messaging