Clinical Reporting

Empowering physicians, practice managers, and administrators.

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Custom Clinical Reporting is a robust feature of the TriMed EHR. Custom reports empower physicians, practice managers, and administrators with all of the specific practice data at their fingertips. Evaluating practice, physician, and procedural trends can help ensure long-term success in both patient care and a practice’s bottom line.

Data Snippets

Anticipating and providing healthcare providers situational data is at the heart of the TriMed EHR. Imagine having an EHR that could be customized to provide relevant pieces of information whenever they are needed. Data Snippets are highly customizable data-pulls that place data exactly where it is needed – when it is needed.

Patient Reporting

Patient Reporting enables practices to query their patient database for a variety of information, including chart-level data. Robust report options allow for data to be displayed on both the macro and micro levels. Perhaps you would like to determine which patients have not filled out a necessary safety questionnaire. Patient reporting allows for access to this level of patient chart detail.


Physician Reporting

Physician Reporting allows for practices to run reports unique to specific physicians. This empowers physicians or administrators to evaluate trends in how certain physicians are practicing medicine. If you want to know how many times a specific physician has prescribed a specific drug, Physician Reports enables you to do so.

Procedure Reporting

Procedure Reporting equips healthcare providers by allowing them to view and monitor trends regarding what procedures are performed in their practice. This data can be particularly helpful in making projections for future practice needs.

Clinical Reporting

Clinical Reporting provides custom snapshots of data on the clinical level. Big picture trends are indispensable for the long-term success of any practice and Clinical Reporting provides this necessary data.

Clinical Reporting