e-Rx Management

Quick and reliable drug prescribing.

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Prescribing drugs is made quick and easy in the TriMed EHR. In our system there are multiple ways to refill and write common drugs. The Quick-Rx module allows a user to quickly pick standard options. Our technology allows these options to be gathered on a practice or provider basis and gets smarter the longer you use it. Quick-Rx also allows a provider to send multiple drugs to multiple pharmacies with just a few clicks. Drug Templates make the entire process even faster by recognizing that while there are many drugs on the market physicians write many of the same drugs repetitively. With these options, providers do not have to spend time searching for a drug.

Within our system providers can sign up for EPCS and securely send controlled substances.

Real-Time Drug Database

TriMed EHR is fully interfaced with a comprehensive Real-Time Drug Database. This means that we are always providing the most up-to-date drug information available. The Drug Database is updated with the latest drugs on the market on a weekly basis.

Real-Time Pharmacy Database

The TriMed EHR also includes a Real-Time Pharmacy Database. This provides the most accurate pharmacy contact information available at all times. Make sure you are always supplied with the latest data with TriMed’s Real-Time Pharmacy Database.


e-Renewal Hub

The e-Renewal Hub is the ability to receive renewal requests from pharmacies. The e-Renewal Hub can drastically reduce pharmacy phone calls because pharmacies are able to send automatic e-renewal requests. When a pharmacy sends a request, a provider can confirm or deny it with the hit of a button making writing and sending renewals quick and painless.

Dosing by Weight

Allow the EHR to calculate drug dosages based on the patient’s weight and standard dosing guidelines for each medication. These guidelines can be easily set by the provider and there are options for setting different amounts by treatment plan. The dosing calculator warns for maximum daily dosages and even rounds to standard measurements (such as teaspoons).

Pharmacy Hours

Mapping pharmacy hours in the system will allow a user to view what pharmacies are currently open or closed and what the hours are for each specific store. We recognize that working during After Hours presents difficulties when it comes to sending prescriptions to a pharmacy for immediate pick-up and would like to offer you the tools to give pharmacy advice to patients straight from the EHR.

e-Rx Management