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Never leave a note again.

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Never have to leave a note template before completing a visit again. The template follows your workflow so perfectly that many of our clients never leave a note while with a patient.

Within the TriMed EHR, the patient note drives the workflow of our providers. In other EHR systems you spend a great deal of time going from one screen to the next, or clicking one button after another. Not so in the TriMed EHR. In our system, you will work straight through a patient visit without leaving a note. In other systems you don’t know how a note is going to come together, whereas with TriMed, you see what you are building as you work your way through the note. Our goal is to structure your note so that you simply work from top to bottom and once you reach the bottom of your note, all notating, ordering, billing, etc. has been completed. The whole time you are with a patient, you never have to leave a note. Even if you need to check a specific about a patient, it is all accessible on the screen in front of you.

Fully Customizable.

TriMed EHR is full of many options when it comes to customizing note templates. We work with you to understand your workflow and create a template that is specific to your needs.

If you haven’t guessed already, every single one of our pre existing note templates are customizable. You have the ability to edit as you see fit, or if you don’t like what you see, we will be more than happy to work with you to build a new one from scratch. We believe that note templates are the heart of the EHR and we are excited to hear new ideas and make changes in order to make them as useful as possible.


Team Oriented

There are some EHR systems that allow only one individual to be on a chart at any given time. In the TriMed EHR, multiple people can have the chart open and be working on different aspects of it at the same time. Not only can you have multiple people on the same chart, but you can also have multiple people working on the same note. As multiple people work through a note they can see who else is on the note and what changes other individuals
are making as they make them.

E&M Calculator

Determining the visit level can be a challenge. With the E&M Calculator tool, the level is calculated as the visit note is worked. With an option to display the current level as you go and a dedicated tab to see what is needed to meet the required documentation for a level, TriMed EHR helps calculate the right code with the visit.

Interactive Notation