Vaccine Management

Easily manage vaccinations.

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Full Vaccine Schedule

State vaccination requirements for daycare and school entry are important and a necessary tool for public health. We have the CDC Immunization Schedules loaded into the system and ready to use.

State Registry Interface

Does your state have an immunization registry? TriMed has the ability to interface with a State registry and send regular updates to the registry. Keep immunization information up-to-date with this tool.

Combo Vaccines

In our system Combo Vaccinations are logged with the various components broken out individually. This simplifies the process of managing which immunizations have already been given versus those that are due.


Full Billing (Private/Government)

TriMed EHR will automatically select the correct procedure administration billing codes for private insurance or government programs. No need to check the patient's insurance plan for billing information or worrying about incorrectly coded claims because the system does it for you.

Custom Schedule

A custom immunization schedule can easily be added to an individual patient. Custom schedules allow you to easily track vaccines for patients that do not follow a traditional schedule and they assist in keeping all patients up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Immunization Alerts

Immunization Alerts are custom alerts that inform the clinical staff with special instructions or warnings concerning an immunization.

Quick/Easy Historic Vaccine Entry

Instead of logging past vaccines one at a time you can use the Historic Vaccine Module. With historic vaccine logging, you can quickly enter multiple vaccines on a single screen. Here you will be prompted to enter the vaccine name and the date that it was given.

Patient Access

Patients have the option to go to the Patient Portal to print off an immunization record for activities such as work or school. This can be done from the comfort of their home with the click of a button; freeing you and your staff from extra phone time and printing charges.

Vaccine Management