Clinical Workflow

Streamline the workflow in your practice.

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Manage Workflow by Teams

The EHR can be setup around different Teams in the system. These offer your practice the ability to send messages, orders, etc. to a group of people rather than a specific individual. This way, when so and so steps out for lunch the rest of the staff is not waiting on something left in her queue. Each user has the ability to set up task bins that correspond to their role. If the user is a part of a team, they will have the ability to set up a task bin where the whole team has access to its contents. Throughout the day the team works from the bin to mark tasks completed.


TriMed Workflow Engine

This technology offers the ability to send notifications and items to people automatically, with no staff intervention. You can allow the engine to auto trigger a certain item (such as an Rx) to be created and sent to a specific individual or team. The workflow Engine can also auto print and auto fax items. If you always print a certain form after a specific visit, the system can automatically do it for you.

Order Management

We have the ability to track the user that places an order versus the user that administers it. The Order Management system will also do quick orders so that as soon as an item is ordered the correct staff member is alerted and the correct charges are gathered on it. The staff member will also be alerted if an order is unordered so that your workflow is never interrupted.

Clinical Workflow