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Full-Scale Tablet

Anything you do on our system on a desktop computer can also be done on a tablet. Many vendors market the ability to use the product on a tablet device but this is often a subset of the features available on a desktop machine. In TriMed’s product every feature offered in the desktop chart is available on a tablet device.

Devices include:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Amazon Kindle

Digital Charting On the Go

We know that your work does not stop when you are out of the office. It is our mission to give you all the tools you need inside the practice and out. Want to see how many patients you have scheduled for tomorrow morning? Have the freedom to open up your schedule securely on your tablet while sitting in your living room. At a conference and away from the office? You can easily review lab results and documents while in an airport, or grabbing coffee. Have the freedom to check on work no matter where you are.

Smart Phone Support

Out and about? Use your smartphone. There you can view your schedule, view a patient’s appointment history and problem list, and you can even refill a prescription from your phone.


iPod Touch/ iPad Mini

Going mobile with the use of iPod Touch or iPad Mini inside your practice can be beneficial for many of your staff members. Many of our features have been sized down to fit in the palm of your hand.

Given the size of the iPod Touch/iPad Mini, it makes it easy for MAs and nurses to drop it in the pocket of their scrubs. We have designed our product to scale to whatever device you are using without losing any of the important features that you use regularly.

For Example, on these devices, MAs and nurses can:

  • Update Rx History
  • Update Allergies
  • Input Vitals
  • Update the Problem List
  • Order Immunizations
  • And even capture parent signature for immunization consent

Patient Forms

Patient forms can be filled out by a patient in the practice or outside the practice in a secure manner on a mobile device. This is a great way to have patients fill out questionnaires and consent forms. When a patient is in the office, hand them a tablet device or set up a kiosk which they can go to and fill out their forms for their visit. Once completed, forms will automatically appear in the patient’s chart.

Online Forms

Patient Forms can be completely filled out online - no paper needed. We allow patients to fill out clinical forms such as medical history, safety questionnaire assessment forms, pre-op forms, progress reports, etc. entirely on a web browser. Many practices find this process is best handled on a mobile device. One option is to hand a tablet (or have a tablet kiosk) to a patient while they are checking in. They can easily access the necessary forms on this device and the forms will be automatically sent to their chart upon completion. Another option is to send a Form request via Text or Email in which the patient can use a personal mobile device to fill out forms.

Patient Signatures

Patient signatures can be captured on forms. While some forms are designed to collect data, others are information for the patient that need to be verified with a signature. Gathering signatures is no problem in Patient Forms and even easier when used on a mobile device. On a mobile device, the user can use the touchscreen to quickly give a signature.

Patient Photos

If you enjoy keeping a photo of your patients directly on their charts than you will love this feature. Use any tablet device to upload photos of patients right from the exam room. This is simple to do and helps you put a name with a face when you are reviewing a chart later.

Physical Exam Pictures

On a tablet device you can easily snap a picture in the exam room and upload it to the chart. Pictures can serve as great reminders for many things such as how a rash looked on the day you saw a patient. On the next patient visit, be able to compare more precisely by reviewing an actual image of the initial problem spot. Not only can you upload a photo as part of the digital chart, but you can now also draw on an image. Take a photo with your tablet device and then mark it up right inside the EHR.