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Clinical Alerts

Practices who take advantage of Clinical Alerts are able to push out bulk alerts for specific criteria such as a certain conditions or diagnoses. Perhaps a practice would like to remind its providers to check all diabetic patients’ glucose levels whose age falls within a certain range. Clinical Alerts allow for this type of message delivery. A wide range of options and filters ensures precise delivery. TriMed EHR can help you prevent making common mistakes whether these be forgetting to bill or notate or check certain items throughout the day.

Maintenance Plans

Practices can use the Health Watcher module to deliver a variety of Maintenance Plans to its patients. Attach a diet plan to the chart of all overweight patients or distribute custom plans to different patients that meet more stringent criteria. Regardless of the type of plan or chart criteria, the Health Watcher provides a vehicle to distribute it.

Patient Education

The EHR is also capable of distributing custom or pre-packaged Patient Education resources throughout the patient population. Perhaps you have an asthma initiative that you’ve been unable to take full advantage of because of the challenges related to distribution. That’s no longer a problem, as it can simply be attached to all charts containing asthma related diagnoses. The Patient Education module will not only send materials to patients but manage the history of what documents have been sent.

Decision Support